The Rabid Mind


Written By Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming this story goes into human survival like never before. Using real world scenarios and real world solutions, you learn while you go along on the thrilling journey with the characters. Unlike most books this book series both entertains and teaches.

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A scientist creates the world’s most deadly and contagious bio weapon known to man. It escapes the lab with a little help, and spreads around the world like wildfire.  

The infected become enraged beasts, attacking anyone in sight. These infected, enraged beasts soon out number the survivors.

A small group of people struggle to survive in a world gone mad. Is this the end of the human race?

This is not a story of the undead rising. This is a story of humans being driven mad with a thirst for blood.

This is a real live Zombie Apocalypse.



This book is intended for mature audiences due to gore, explicit sexual situations and language.

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