Grid Down: Reality Bites Vol 1


Written By Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming this story goes into human survival like never before. Using real world scenarios and real world solutions, you learn while you go along on the thrilling journey with the characters. Unlike most books this book series both entertains and teaches. Reality Bites is the first book in the Grid Down series that sets the thrilling story of survival that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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The fictional novel is about: (From the Back Cover)

Three small groups of people trying to stay sane and survive in a world controlled by chaos. The remarkable feat of simply staying alive and free will grab your attention as they struggle desperately to survive in this unknown future. This is the Survival Epic you have been waiting for.  The realness and startling reality that many may face in an End Of The World scenario. This book has them in spades. In a world gone mad, how would you survive? This is a Survival Blueprint with an exciting story line that you can’t put down. From one adventure to the next where all seems lost, the strong will survive.

October 7th, 2015 was the day the whole world changed forever.

A must have for anyone who wants to learn how to survive an uncertain future. Just one tip from the book could save your life. Recognizing and avoiding dangers could mean the difference between surviving or not making it.  What equipment should you buy? What skills do you need to learn while you still have time?

Many Americans see the storm clouds surrounding our Nation. In this decade right now history will be made. Prepare now and ensure you survive the coming chaos.

There are those that prepare and there are those that wished to God they had prepared. Which are you going to be?  One day in the not too distant future will be the DAY America changes forever. Are you ready?

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