Four Seconds Until Impact


Animal attacks, they are on the news every day somewhere around the globe. When they happen the train thought will be something like this. “Oh look a bear, Oh he’s charging, OMG are they fast, I better do something” then you are on the ground. An in-depth look at the skyrocketing animal attacks across North America. What you learn could save your life. Every hiker, hunter, fisherman, camper, or anyone else that enjoys the great outdoors needs to read this hard hitting research into the rising animal attacks on humans.

Engaging, to the point, and focused. I am now a fan of this author and highly recommend every prepper read this book as it has a lot of valuable information on the reality of being off the grid and understanding how off the grid is not safe from the manipulations of the government.
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Animal attacks are on the rise!

Not exactly a trapping book as far as instruction goes but this book could save a trapper or any outdoorsmans life. Every outdoorsman needs to know the things contained in this book.
A look at 100 cougar attacks, 106 grizzly bear attacks, 130 coyote attacks, 126 black bears attacks, plus wolf attacks in the last 27 years. 
  • What is better to carry firearms or pepper spray the results are eye opening?
  • Can hunting help curtail animal attacks?
  • How many bears is enough?
  • How many people have to die before we do something?
  • Who is responsible?

Written by Bruce “Buckshot” Hemming, author of the best selling Grid Down Survival Series.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Great book with lots of solid information! June 5, 2018
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This was an exciting read. Lots of encounters and most of them you have never heard about. The increasing attacks are largely hidden by managers afraid of economic ramification if they were known. Read this book and be prepared when you and your family venture into predator country.
~Rex S~

The book fearlessly avoids political correctness. Hemming offers clear and obvious reasons how and why the hunting of large predators can minimize attacks without endangering sustainable predator populations. The author offers data on the effectiveness of both firearms and pepper spray in stopping attacks and advocates for the use of both.

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