1 Dozen Buckshot’s Small Game Survival Snares



1 Dozen (12) Buckshot’s Small Game Survival Snares

1/16 7 x 7 cable. This is an awesome fast survival snare. Sure Lock is based off the famous Thompson snare. This one is designed to take rabbits, squirrels, ground hogs, and small marmots. It’s 42″ long, sure lock, washer, swivel, new support collar, and of course Aluminum Stop Buttons for superior holding power. Why do we call these Survival snares and not just snares in general? Because when you are faced with a survival situation, food is a big priority, in fact its among the top three critical concerns. These survival snares can put food in your belly and they can do it fast and effective. In our survival instruction DVD sets we explain how to set these snares for the maximum chance of getting food. Make no mistake, these snares can save your life. So rather you are just a trapper, or a hardcore survivalist prepper, these are a must have item.