Buckshot’s Complete Survival Trapping Guide


This book is one of the most sought after survival trapping guides on the market. The information found in this guide are from many years of field experience, trial and error. Bruce teaches from experience and not from theory as most other books do. If you are serious about trapping and survival then this guide is for you.

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My first trapping book “Buckshot’s Modern Trapping Guide”, is widely known throughout the world as the premiere trapping book for survival. I wrote the book over ten years ago, and today in the used book market, it is selling for as high as 15 times the original price. When I discovered that, and considered the constant stream of emails from people across the country inquiring about my book, I decided it was time to put out an updated version. I have learned a great deal more since writing that first book, and now gladly share all that I know with you. I’ll show you the inside tricks of the trade that have taken me a lifetime to acquire.


The value of this book represents the culmination of over 34 years of personal trapping experience. How do you put a price tag on that? At a guess, it would cost thousands of dollars to pay for the training, books, equipment and the truck repairs I had to endure during my journey. Lucky for you, you don’t have to invest 34 years or thousands of dollares to learn how to trap and snare.  Instead, you can purchase this book, skip all the myths and misinformation, and step right into the shoes of a modern-day trapper. I believe America is currently heading toward very difficult times, and there is a real need for a small percentage of folks to step forward and walk out “into the wilds” to survive. May God be with you all on your journey.


My favorite quote is from the famous Mountain Man, Kit Carson. Quoted over a century ago he said, “The best years of my life were spent trapping.” May the spirit of the wild touch your soul as you walk the path and follow the traditions of the true Mountain Man.

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