1 Dozen (12) Medium Game Snares



Medium Game Snares 12 Pack

3/32 7 x 7 cable. 5 feet long, washer, heavy-duty #9 swivel, new improved support collar will take any wire from 9 to 16 gauge. Sure lock based on the Thompson design. Fast, great for reusing to make new ones. Aluminum Stop Buttons hold the best because the aluminum is smashed into the cable for superior holding power. The cable normally breaks before these give. Use these for Fox, Coyotes, Beaver, and Raccoons. Why do we call these Survival snares and not just snares in general? Because when you are faced with a survival situation, food is a big priority, in fact its among the top three critical concerns. These game snares can put food in your belly or money in your pocket and they can do it fast and effective. In our survival instruction DVD sets we explain how to set these snares for the maximum chance of getting food. Rather you are just a trapper, or a hardcore survivalist prepper, these are a must have item. We have over 30 years in the field experience and this is our go to snare.