1 Dozen (12) Buckshot’s Camlock Snares



Buckshot’s Camlock Medium to Big Game Snares

Camlock medium – big game snares are super fast! The Cam lock is a kill snare so be very careful where you set this snare. It is 3/32 – 7×7 cable, cam lock, 7 feet long. In extreme emergency survival situations, this snare can be used on deer and feral hogs. Can take animals up to 200 pounds such as a small Black Bear, and even Alligators up to 7 feet. This is needed in every survivalist and prepper’s bag because food is essential in a survival situation. This snare has been tried and tested over time by Buckshot himself and it always holds up to the test. This snare definitely falls into our “Survival Snare” category with its ability to take deer and hogs. Learn to effectively use this snare and you will always have meat on the table.