Mt. Kilauea and its potential impact on the Hawaiian Islands

Mt. Kilauea – Survival Food and it’s importance



Mt. Kilauea has been erupting for some time now, in fact since the 1980’s. So far it has been slow and moderate but recent eruptions have gotten worse. So what does that mean to the residents who live near Mt. Kilauea? The implications could be huge if they are not properly prepared and survival food is critical to preparation. Take one week with no power or water and it could be life threatening even if lava flows are not impacting you directly. Lava can down power lines, disrupt water distribution and stop travel. If families do not have a plan in place they could go hungry for day and even weeks. All it takes is one large blast from this mountain of death to cause total chaos.

survival-backpack-survival-foodWhat if you and your family have to set out on foot to escape its wrath? How much canned food can you carry? how heavy will it be? how fast can you move with all that food on your back? Will you escape or die? We offer easy to carry light weight backpacks jammed with survival food to last five days to two weeks. Freeze dried foods are light and easy to carry so you can move fast and with minimal effort.

Wise Company survival foods takes away that fear, that worry of finding your next meal and that chance of starving when there is simply no reason for it. For less than you could buy food in your local store, you can have your own store. Wise Company foods offers delicious, nutritious and affordable survival foods. Wise Company foods come in easy to store pouches and are super easy to prepare, just add boiling water, stir and wait for 5-12 minutes. They come in a variety of dishes which include entree’s and breakfast as well as fruits, veggies and drinks. There is no excuse for not being prepared but there are consequences. Can you afford to risk it? No matter if you are in the path of Mt. Kilauea or Yellowstone, or in the remote mountains of West Virginia to the deep south, you are not immune to disaster. Disaster does not call you ahead of time, it hits with no warning. The consequences can be life threatening.




We offer Wise Company survival foods at prices below the manufacturer themselves. Our foods are not stored in a warehouse or garage for months to years like those on eBay. We ship directly from the warehouse so your product arrives fresh every single time. Shipping on our survival food products is just $2.00 for shipping and processing. We keep it low so you and your family can prepare and save as much as possible. Don’t let yourself end up in a position that could jeopardize your families health or life, prepare now before its too late.